Thursday, October 30, 2014

Unplanned occurrences

Things will not always go the way you planned, but you don't have to let that stop you. Remind yourself that you can adapt, adjust, and continue doing what's important to you.

Often, the interruption itself is not what throws you off track. Your anger and disappointment may end up disrupting you longer than whatever interrupted you in the first place.

Go ahead and accept the fact that interruptions will come along and plans will have to be altered. Then, just make the adjustments and get on with life.

Some of those unplanned occurrences might actually turn out to contain pleasant surprises. Make the choice to live life's value where you find it.

Instead of seeing the interruption as an excuse, see it as an opportunity. Let it strengthen your resolve and provide you with a reason to focus even more intently on making the progress you have chosen to make.

Life is filled with unplanned interruptions, and getting upset about them won't do you a bit of good. Instead, let them come, let them go, and enjoy the richness of a positive, purposeful life no matter what.

-- Ralph Marston

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