Friday, October 10, 2014

Ask and discover

Ask a question, and you will begin to create an answer. Assume that there are plenty of positive possibilities, and you will naturally give life to those possibilities.

Why is life so good for you in this moment? What is it about today, and about the way you intend to live it, that will make it the best day ever?

What you create in your life starts with what you imagine, and then is fully manifested by what you do. A constant stream of positive, empowering questions leads toward a rich, fulfilling life.

How are you able to give value to this situation, right here, right now? How can your own unique perspective be expressed so as to enrich the world?

Ask yourself what is beautiful about this day, and clearly see that beauty as the day unfolds. Ask yourself why you care, and see the underlying meaning in all you do, and in all you encounter.

The substance of your life goes far beyond what you already realize. Ask, and discover how truly outstanding life can be.

-- Ralph Marston

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