Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Great possibility

There is great possibility in you. Even here, even now, even with what you've been through, even with the way things are, there is great possibility.

Some specific, acutely meaningful possibility will have you jumping into an enthusiastic start every morning. You can already feel it within you, so figure out exactly what it is, and begin to live it.

There are things you dearly love about life. Allow yourself to love them even more and to greatly expand them.

Expect value, goodness, creativity and fulfillment to come from your actions. Then take those actions, with commitment, love, and positive presence.

When life is going well, there is the very real possibility to make it better. When life is not going well, that possibility is more clearly present and intensely compelling.

In this day, in this place, in this situation, and in you, is great possibility. Now is when you can do what you've always known you can do, and make it come to life.

-- Ralph Marston

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