Thursday, August 7, 2014


Once you start, and put a little of yourself into the effort, it's easier to keep going. Get started, doing whatever you can, knowing that you'll build some momentum.

Even though it may be difficult to imagine finishing the task, go ahead and start. Once you're moving forward, you'll find new and fulfilling ways to keep going.

Start, and put some honest, dedicated effort into the work. The more you give, the more you'll have available to give.

Start, and be willing to learn all you can. Be open to new ideas, new skills, new connections, new methods and new inspiration, and you'll find them in abundance.

Momentum is a powerful force, yet it works against you when you're sitting idle. Start, and put the enormous power of momentum on your side.

Achievement begins when you make the choice to start. Start now, and you will have taken that most important first step.

-- Ralph Marston

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