Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Here today

You are here today, alive and aware. You have power and influence, skills and abilities right here and now, so put them to good use right here and now.

You can get yourself all wrapped up in a tangled mess of inaction by wondering and worrying about what might happen. Choose instead to get yourself passionate and enthusiastic about what will happen when you make the effort to make a positive difference.

You are here today, so do something great with it. You are here today, in a world of beauty and possibility and opportunity, so seize the moment, this one right here, and make it count.

What do you really, truly want to do and how to you really, truly want to feel? What is so massively important to you that nothing else really matters in comparison?

Challenge yourself to honestly answer those questions. Then, pick yourself up and go do all you can to make those desirable and meaningful things a reality in your world.

You are here today, living in an authentic one-of-a-kind opportunity that will never come again. Grab it and joyfully run with it as fast as you can.

-- Ralph Marston

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