Saturday, August 16, 2014

Challenge yourself

You know you can always make improvements, so challenge yourself to do it. Challenge yourself to make today more productive, more enjoyable and more fulfilling than any day yet.

Instead of just letting life throw random challenges at you, go ahead and provide yourself with truly meaningful challenges. As long as you're going to be working through challenges, they might as well be the challenges that bring new value to your life.

Instead of running or hiding from the problems, challenge yourself to work through them. Instead of settling for less than the life you envision, challenge yourself to reach for your dreams.

Put some real, good, satisfying substance in your life. Challenge yourself to live the richness of your best possibilities.

Challenge yourself to get started early, to hit the ground running, and to be highly effective in your efforts. Challenge yourself to ignore the distractions and meaningless superficial noise, and to focus on real, fulfilling purpose.

Today is a magnificent opportunity to live, and to live richly. Challenge yourself to do whatever is necessary to make the very most of it.

-- Ralph Marston

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