Thursday, September 4, 2014

Give yourself a little push

Think of what you can do today to show yourself that your life really means something. Think of what you can do today to get yourself refreshingly outside your comfort zone.

Challenges and new situations will put you a little on edge and make you a bit uncomfortable. And as such, they will empower you greatly.

You can do much more than you now imagine you can do. Let yourself find out what that is.

There's more to life than speculating about what you might be able to do, and wondering whether or not you can. At some point you must find out for yourself.

Give yourself a little push into something that will challenge you in a meaningful way. Jump in and get busy transforming what you wish for and what you dream about into what is.

Discover how truly purposeful, creative, capable and effective you can be. Feel how much stronger and how much more alive you can become.

-- Ralph Marston

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