Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Get clear on your direction

The problem is not that there's too much to do. The problem is that it can be difficult to see the point of it all.

You are amazingly skilled and highly capable. Yet without a clear, persistent and meaningful direction, you're not going to be very effective.

For a moment, put all the stuff that needs to be done out of your mind. Peacefully step back and reacquaint yourself with what's most important to you.

You have your life, and those you love. You have interests, passions, longings, values, things you find funny, things you find fascinating, and things you care deeply about.

With a rich sense of what really matters to you, choose to see a clearly defined direction forward. Now is your time to live with purpose, to express to all of life who you truly are.

Though the problems and responsibilities will not just go away, you can deal with them from a higher, more empowered perspective. Get clear on your direction, and you become more positive and effective in every moment.

-- Ralph Marston

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