Thursday, February 23, 2012

Choose to enjoy

Make life more enjoyable by choosing to see more of it as enjoyable. Instead of assuming that what you're doing is unpleasant just because everyone else thinks so, see if you can find a way to enjoy it.

Much of what makes life unpleasant is your worry that you're missing out on something more enjoyable. Let go of that worry, enjoy the moment you're in, and feel the genuine beauty of life that lives within you.

The distinction between work and play is nothing more than a judgment call. Instead of making that judgment, make the choice to put meaning and fulfillment into whatever you're doing.

It's easy to feel confined by your commitments and obligations. Yet when you choose, it is just as easy, and just as realistic, to feel enthusiastic and empowered by whatever it is you must do.

Your situation is what it is. However, the way you feel about your situation is completely up to you.

It feels much better to feel better, and it makes you vastly more effective at bringing real value to life. So choose more often to enjoy, and happily experience life on your own enjoyable terms.

-- Ralph Marston

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