Saturday, December 24, 2011

A peaceful moment

The conflicts, disappointments and frustrations of the past do not matter now. Let them go, and feel the peace within.

Your worrisome thoughts of lack and limitation are nothing more than thoughts. Remind yourself that you have always been, and always are, more than enough.

Though you have the responsibility to deal with life's challenges, you also have the power to feel life's immense beauty. No matter what is asked of you, the unique beauty of your life is worth every effort.

Give yourself a peaceful moment, and feel the power of your best possibilities. Give yourself a peaceful moment, and feel authentic, limitless love for all you have and for all that is.

Experience how good it is to simply be. From the power of that experience, let sincere joy flow out from you and fill your world.

In pure, unconditional peace, there is great strength. In this moment, feel the strength and give to life the gift of peace.

-- Ralph Marston

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