Friday, December 23, 2011

Every small detail

The possibilities that become reality are the ones to which you give meaning and focus. The goals you fully achieve are the ones you truly desire.

The world where you live is the world you choose with your thoughts, your actions, your attention and your commitment. What you experience depends on what you set as priorities.

You cannot fill your thoughts with negativity and expect to achieve positive results. Who you truly are on the inside drives your experience of the world on the outside.

Integrity is more than just a platitude. It is an indisputable and inescapable fact of existence.

Every small detail of your life makes up the whole of your life. Each moment is an opportunity to align those details with what's most important to you.

Choose in every situation and in every detail to support and reinforce the best of who you know you can be. Act as though everything you do creates the life you live, because it does.

-- Ralph Marston

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