Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Not to envy

Why waste your time and energy, and poison your attitude, by being envious? Instead of being envious, be inspired.

Not only is it impossible for you to live someone else's life, even if you could do it you wouldn't really like it. What you can do is joyfully live your own life, informed and instructed by the joy you see in others.

Your greatest fulfillment comes from being you. If someone else's life looks appealing, the most realistic and effective response is to emulate, not to envy.

Envy is centered in an overwhelming sense of lack and limitation. So if you envy, you push away the very things you desire.

A much more powerful and positive response is to be sincerely thankful for the good fortune of others. When you do that, you're able to benefit from that good fortune too.

Stop creating envy. And start allowing your very own version of life's great abundance.

-- Ralph Marston

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