Monday, July 4, 2011

Embrace freedom

As beautiful and as powerful as it is, freedom is also a frightening thing. Because freedom demands your very best.

It's much easier to be dependent, and much easier to just give up. It's tempting to simply turn your troubles and your responsibilities over to someone else.

If you were to do that, however, nothing worth having would be left for you. If you turn your back on your freedom, you turn your back on the unique and essential beauty of who you are.

To live with freedom, independence, self-sufficiency and responsibility takes great effort, commitment, persistence and strength. Yet what it yields is the far greater experience of a rich and fulfilling life.

True freedom is a lot of work, and true freedom is worth every bit of it. It is in making the decisions, and in making the effort, and in living your own unique dreams that you achieve the life you truly long to live.

Though real freedom can be a little frightening, run out and embrace it with everything you have. For in that freedom, your highest and best possibilities are ready to come magnificently to life.

-- Ralph Marston

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