Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pure joy

Look closely at the world around you and see beauty in every direction. Listen to the harmony and rhythm of life's sounds.

Give yourself the powerful, refreshing and energizing gift of pure joy. Give yourself a moment, or even longer if you wish, and just feel the incomparable joy of being alive.

Feel the warmth of bright sunshine, the coolness of running water, the rush of a breeze on your skin. Take a long, deep relaxing breath of fresh air.

Experience the overwhelming richness and wonder of the beautiful reality that spreads out in every direction. Let go of any expectations, judgments or analyses, and allow yourself to peacefully experience it all as it comes to you.

For a little while, set aside your planning, organizing, adjusting and responding, and give yourself time to simply experience and enjoy. The moments spent in pure enjoyment, free of guilt, anxiety or expectations, will add richness to your life in ways that nothing else can.

Take some time to let yourself experience pure, unconditional joy. Bring more fully to life the joyful treasure that is life itself.

-- Ralph Marston

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