Thursday, December 9, 2010

Live in a beautiful world

Life is so robustly interconnected that you cannot possibly know all the consequences of the actions you take. What you can know for sure is that even the small things you think, say and do will have a big influence on your world.

You are far more powerful than you will ever realize. So it is important to always make positive use of that power.

Even the little things you do can end up changing the world. So even when it doesn't seem to matter much at all, be sure to do your very best.

Live each moment authentically, true to your highest values. You cannot deceive the massive connected web that is life, so be as honest and sincere as you can.

What you do, what you think, and what you say all goes out from you, and the farther it spreads, the bigger it gets. Then, much of it comes back to you, even though you may not recognize it.

If you wish to live in a beautiful world, be beautiful yourself, without ceasing, and create that world. It all matters very much, so do it all with great love and positive purpose.

-- Ralph Marston

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