Friday, February 1, 2013

Getting it done

Whatever it is that you must do, go ahead and get it done. Instead of avoiding the effort, embrace the opportunity to make a difference.

You may not get it perfect, yet you can get it done. It may be tedious and not much fun, yet it can bring great new value to your world.

It feels much better to have it done. So get yourself to that good feeling as quickly as possible by going ahead and getting it done.

Don't just let your life happen in a random, unfocused manner. Make life happen in the way you choose by putting your time and effort into it.

Every choice, every action or lack of action, has consequences. Choose the very best consequences for yourself and for your world by choosing to do what must be done to bring them about.

Right now, you're in a position of great power, so make good use of that situation. Take an active role, get it done, and create a great and fulfilling life for yourself.

-- Ralph Marston

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