Wednesday, December 26, 2012

All is well today

All is well today, and life is good. You are here, in this moment, able to do so much that's worthwhile and fulfilling.

Your life has real purpose, and when you let go of the superficial concerns, you can feel and know and follow that purpose. Life is beautiful, and by taking the time to look closely, you can see the beauty everywhere.

All is well, and has been, and will be. The genuine goodness within you refuses to be compromised by any of the world's ups and downs.

You are you, and life is yours in this moment to experience. Let go of the need to need, and embrace the continuing flow of abundance.

Go ahead, step forward, and live with total, solid confidence. Let every thought and action be filled with positive purpose and the knowledge that ultimately, you cannot fail.

Live the deep, abiding goodness that is your life. All is well, you are here, and now is your moment to give new, magnificent meaning to it all.

-- Ralph Marston

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