Saturday, March 3, 2012

Perspective of abundance

Consider the overwhelming abundance to which you are already connected. When you fully value and appreciate what you do have, there is no need to obsess and distress over what you don't have.

By all means dream, and work to make those dreams real. Yet do it from an empowered perspective of abundance, not from a weak position of need.

Seek not to take from life, for in truth you already and always have more than enough. Choose instead to see yourself continually giving to life, and thereby fulfilling the most beautiful possibilities that live within you.

It is by sincerely giving of yourself that you strengthen your connection with life's abundance. The more often you act to make a difference, the more resources you'll have for doing so.

See each day, each task, each action from a perspective of abundance. Transform that abundance into value and fulfillment, and raise your world higher and higher.

Feel your purpose, feel your dreams, and then act upon them with confidence. As you make meaningful use of it, life's abundance keeps on coming your way.

-- Ralph Marston

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