Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Extreme advantage

Before you make a plan, make a connection. Connect your plan with a purpose that is genuinely yours.

To reach whatever you plan, you must plan to reach something that has real and captivating meaning for you. To make your plan succeed, define the success of that plan in a way that resonates with who you are.

Doing something just because everyone else thinks it's a good idea, won't give you much drive or determination or commitment. An important key to success is knowing precisely what success means to you.

You have what it takes to reach whatever goal you truly desire. The way to reach your full potential is to make sure you are fully engaged in the endeavor.

Align your intentions with your convictions, and you'll be able to put the full power of those convictions into your efforts. Follow a purpose that is your very own, and you'll always be able to find an effective way forward.

Give your intentions and your efforts an extreme advantage. Let them flow from the power of your purpose.

-- Ralph Marston

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