Monday, November 22, 2010

One thought away

You are one thought away from being supremely and authentically confident. You are one thought away from stepping powerfully, effectively and decisively in the direction of your dreams.

With just one positive, empowering thought, you can turn toward achievement, toward excellence, toward discipline and commitment. From nothing more than a thought that resonates with your true purpose, you can change your perception of the whole world.

Reach into the place within, where you nurture your vision of the very best life you can imagine. With all you have, with all you are, feel the beautiful reality of that vision.

And know that whatever you can imagine, whatever you can feel, you can create. In fact, it already exists within you.

Feel within yourself the reality of life as you know it can be. Then, with your words, your actions, your priorities and commitments, with your focus and discipline, express that beautiful, meaningful value.

In every moment, in every circumstance, through every challenge, let that immense value flow out from you. It is never more than just one thought away.

-- Ralph Marston

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